Spotlight: The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is now available!

August 24, 2018

Covered Freelance employees have access to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This program provides you with services to help with the everyday challenges of life that may affect your medical, marital, mental, legal or financial health, family life, alcohol or drug independency and more. EAP services are provided by a third party, LifeWorks US Inc., under an agreement with Metlife.

How it works:

Freelance employees that are eligible under PHBP may simply call 1-888-319-7819 anytime to speak with a clinician, request a referral, or schedule an appointment. Eligible employees may simply choose between in-person sessions with a provider from LifeWorks’ extensive network or convenient and easy telephonic consultations with a licenses LifeWorks clinician, and up to 5 consultations per calendar year are covered.

The EAP may be used to address a broad range of issues including:

  • Marriage, relationship and family problems,
  • Problems at work,
  • Legal and financial issues - consultations for issues relating to civil, consumer, personal, and family law, financial matters, business law, real estate, estate planning and more (excluding disputes or actions between you and Metlife/LifeWorks/PHBP), budgeting, credit and financial guidance (investment advice, loans and bill payments not included), retirement planning and assistance with tax issues,
  • Childcare and Eldercare Assistance - consultation plus referrals to childcare and eldercare providers,
  • Identity Theft Recovery Services,
  • Daily Living Services - referrals to consultants and businesses that can help with event planning, transportation services, pet services and more,
  • Stress and Anxiety,
  • Alcohol and Drug Dependency,
  • Health and Wellness concerns

There is no cost for this - there are no co-payments, co-insurance or deductible payments.

Online Members Services are available - LifeWorks’ EAP website and app are available to you and features a wide range of tools and information to help you take charge of your well-being and simplify your life.

Please reach out to for a username and password for this program.

The online member services are available at