Become a PHBP Participating Employer

The PHBP started as way for Participating Employers to offer quality health insurance to Freelance Commercial Production Professionals and maintains that commitment to this day. While all Participating Employers must be members in good standing of the AICP, the PHBP and the AICP welcome all eligible commercial production and post production companies, regardless of the production company's union or guild signatory status. Both union and non-union commercial production employers are welcome to apply.

Coverage for Your Freelancers

    All Participating Employers who employee freelance production personnel shall contribute a percentage of all gross earnings of their Freelance Employees in the following covered job categories, (including all modifiers, adjectives, prefixes, suffixes or descriptive terms):
    Please note contributions are due on all covered work, regardless of the employer’s method of payment, i.e. through payroll as a w-2 employee or through internal or external accounting as a 1099 Independent Contractor or ‘Contract’ Worker.

    • Producer, Line Producer, Bidder
    • Production Manager, Production Supervisor
    • Production Coordinator, Asst. Production Supervisor
    • Production Assistant, PA, Compliance Assistant


    Only General Member Production and Post Production company members of the AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers) are eligible to join the PHBP. See more about the AICP and its membership rules at If you believe you meet the criteria to join the AICP, email to verify eligibility.

    Perks of being a Participating Employer

    PHBP provides Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision, Dental, Basic Life, Short and Long Term Disability coverage and offers additional voluntary and supplemental benefits to approximately 1,600 members of our industry’s freelance work force. That workforce includes the industry’s most experienced freelance professionals, and PHBP Participating Employers’ unique ability to offer a compensation package enhanced with PHBP Benefits provides a distinct advantage over the competition and better position to attract the best commercial freelance production professionals in the business.

    If you are interested in joining the PHBP, please email Sean Cooley, PHBP Executive Director at Please provide your name, business name, business type, basis for eligibility, and state(s) in which your office is located. For AICP eligibility inquiries, please go to