Trust Information

Board of Trustees

Sally Antonacchio, The Artists Company (Board Chairperson)
Mark Androw, Story
Dave Bernstein, Freelance Trustee
Rich Carter, brother
SueEllen Clair, Anonymous Content
Andrew Colón, Smuggler
Alanna Dillon, Freelance Trustee
Robert Fernandez, Moxie Pictures
Jason Groves, Freelance Trustee
Tracey Mitchel-Lai, Biscuit Filmworks
Rachel Perkins, Alternate Freelance Trustee
Dan Rosenthal, RSA Films
Carl Sturges, Michael Schrom & Company
Norman Reiss, Freelance Trustee
Cathy Shannon, RadicalMedia, Inc.

Executive Director
Sean Cooley

Senior Consultant
Matt Miller, President and CEO, AICP

Legal Counsel
Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole LLP

USI Consulting


Third Party Administrator
BeneSys Administrators, Inc.