About PHBP

PHBP is an employer funded group insurance plan providing health coverage for eligible freelancers and staff employees in the commercial production industry.

The Plan is specifically designed for the lifestyle of the freelancer in that there are approximately 170 commercial production companies participating in the Plan. As long as a commercial production company is a contributing employer to PHBP, a covered freelancer’s work will count toward PHBP’s coverage eligibility requirements. Once eligibility requirements are met, a freelancer’s benefits are 100% free to the freelancer.

In addition to covering freelancers, the Plan also covers staff employees, and provides for more than competitive rates. How? PHBP is a large group plan, and shelters small employers from small group plan rate increases, which skyrocketed to as high as 44% in 2016.

We all know that low cost means nothing without quality. With so many employers participating in PHBP, we’re able to offer competitive rates AND high-quality comprehensive benefits across medical, dental, disability (for freelance participants), and vision - insurance carriers for 2016 are Anthem for medical, pharmaceutical, and dental, Metlife for Disability, and VSP for vision. In addition, our members receive an elevated customer service experience with access to PHBP’s Third Party Administrator, BeneSys, Inc.