Welcome to PHBP, Producers Health Benefits Plan

The PHBP is continuously undergoing changes to make our Plan better for our valued Participating Employers and Participants. Effective February 1, 2014, BeneSys will be the Plan’s Third Party Administrators.

If you are inquiring about your benefits, eligibility, or password for the website please contact BeneSys at 855- 696-2909 or via email staff@benefits.org


After an epic, decade-plus journey the AICP successfully built the foundation for comprehensive health benefits for qualified non-union Freelance Production Employees in covered categories in September 2007, with benefits made available on February 1, 2008. A plan such as PHBP recognized the need for comprehensive health benefits for our valued Freelance Employees. The Plan is entirely separate from the AICP, though you must be a member of AICP to participate.

Since its inception the PHBP has continued to grow and change. It is with great pleasure that the Board of Trustees of PHBP invites you to join the Plan. The PHBP will now offer benefits to both “freelance” and “staff” employees.

Our comprehensive benefits offering will allow you to offer medical, dental and vision. This is nothing short of a milestone, and amounts to the greatest achievement in the 40-year history of AICP.

PHBP is managed and administered by BeneSys, Third Party Administrators. They can be reached at (855) 696-2909 or by staff@phbpbenefits.org. Their fax number is (626) 931-1368.

If you would like to become a PHBP Participating Employer, please contact the office at 646-370-1431.