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There’s never been a better time to join the PHBP. Check out the Plan from an Employer’s perspective and see what’s needed to become a Participating Employer in the PHBP.

General Membership in the AICP opens the door to participation in the Producers’ Health Benefits Plan, which offers Participating Employers in the Commercial Production and Post Production industries exceptional benefits at extremely competitive prices. It is a low deductible, high benefit, full PPO “Cadillac” plan with the largest national network of providers available.

Participation in the Plan may also enable your company to be compliant with the Affordable Care Act, which still requires large employers with 50+ full time and/or full time equivalent employees, of which most freelance employees on a commercial film set or post house are considered, to provide a basic level of health insurance or face penalties from the IRS.

The Plan began offering coverage to Freelance Commercial Production Professionals in 2008. To date, the PHBP offers Medical, Prescription Drug, Vision, Dental, Short and Long Term Disability coverage to approximately 2,100 members of our industry’s freelance work force and their families. That workforce includes the industry’s most experienced freelance professionals, and employers who participate in the PHBP offer their freelancers a compensation package enhanced by contributions to their healthcare.

While Freelance Participation is mandatory for all Participating Employers, the Plan also offers two optional Staff Coverage packages, and currently insures over 1,800 of our Participating Employers’ staffs and their families. As a matter of employee attraction and retention, participation in the PHBP increases the chances of working with the best of the best of both the freelance community and the staff employees that keep the industry at peak performance.

Download the Prospective Participating Employer
Package below for more details. Included:

  • A Plan Overview for Employers
  • Current Participation Agreement that all participating companies must sign
  • Summaries of the PHBP’s current staff benefit offerings

The PHBP is here to guide you through this process and answer any questions, including a quote for staff coverage for eligible employers. Please contact Sean Cooley, the Plan’s Executive Director, at or by phone at 323-960-4781.

Prospective Participating Employer Package