Insurance Provider Documents

Prescription drug coverage to all PHBP Participants and eligible dependents is offered through Anthem. The following documents provide a summary of the copayments, deductible (tier 4 only), and a listing of drugs currently on the formulary.

The foregoing site is a searchable listing of prescription drugs currently on the formulary.

Short- and long-term disability benefits are currently available to freelance Participants of the PHBP. Short-term disability benefits can provide 60% of pre-disability weekly salary, up to $3,000 per week. Long-term disability benefits can provide 60% of your pre-disability monthly earnings, up to a maximum of $12,500 per month. If you have any questions regarding the PHBP's disability benefits through MetLife, please do not hesitate to contact the PHBP's third-party administrator at

Please access this section for procedural and plan documents.

We've prepared a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document just for our staff employees.

Benefit summaries across medical, dental, vision, and pharmaceutical, are found here.

Need to make a change to your election, or notify your employer, and PHBP, of a qualifying event? You'll find any and all forms related to administrative changes here.

Please see below for important documents about your Plan.

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Covering your family is easy, and there's never been a better time to do so. Effective January 1, 2016, PHBP implemented a new dependent cost structure for our freelancers, resulting in dramatic cost savings for our freelance community. A freelancer with a spouse and two children pays only $450 a month for health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision, rather than the full amount of the premium that Anthem requires, $1,570.33 - that's a cost savings of over $1,000 per month.

The new cost structure works as follows: pay $250.00 per month for the first dependent, whether the dependent is a spouse, domestic partner, or child, and then $100.00 per month for each dependent thereafter.

Process for electing coverage for your family:

1. A freelancer may elect a dependent election during Open Enrollment (period typically spans from November until December 31st of the calendar year prior to the plan year), or when a "qualifying event" occurs. A "qualifying event" would be an event that qualifies as life event, such as a birth, death, marriage, or divorce. If looking to change or initiate a dependent election resulting from a "qualifying event", the Plan and your Employer must be notified within 31 days of the "qualifying event".

2. Complete the election from attached, and submit to Benesys Administrators, Inc., by mail/overnight to: PHBP, C/O BeneSys, P.O. Box 2340 West Covina, CA 91793, or by secure fax at 925-478-4839.

Benefit summaries across medical, dental, vision, disability, and pharmaceutical, are found here.

Looking to add a dependent, or notify us of a COBRA qualifying event? The forms you'll need for these administrative changes are here. Please note that when claiming disability, please make sure to send the claim form to your physician first, complete the portion of the form that you, as an employee, are responsible for filling out, as well, and then send the form to the email address indicated on the form.

Find important instructions in this section, from filing disability claims, to checking your eligibility status on our electronic contributions processing platform.

Please see below for important documents regarding your Plan.

The following employers participate in the PHBP:

A Common Thread
A Jumping Girl Productions
Adolescent Content
Andrew Hall Management
Anonymous Content
Artery Industries
Arts & Sciences Department
Assassin Entertainment
Avalon Films
Backyard Productions
BAM Studios
Believe Media
Belladonna Productions
Big Sky Editorial
Biscuit Filmworks
Bob Industries
Brand New School
Cap Gun Collective
Capitol Art Creative
Carbo Films
Carolyn’s Commercial Representation
Carousel Collective
Cathi Connor
Cause and Effect
Chelsea Pictures
CMS Production
Colonie Media
Community Films
Compulsive Pictures
Cut + Run
Dina Mande Studios
Dummy Films
Durable Goods
EAJ Productions
Elma Garcia Films
Epoch Films
Eye Candy Edit
Famous Frames
Fancy Content
Farm League
Firefly Creative Entertainment Group
Free Market Films
Froomer Pictures
Gentleman Scholar Studios
George Media
Gifted Youth
Giraldi Productions
GO Film
Grand Large
Great Bowery
HB Collective
Hey Baby Films
Hey Wonderful
hi, Inc.
Holmes Defender of the Faith
Hotspots Production
Hudson Editorial
Hungry Man
Hype, Repetition, & Overkill
Identity Media
Imperial Woodpecker
Independent Media
J. Giles & Co.
Joinery Inc.
Juliusson + Ratcliffe
K Films
kaboom Productions
Knucklehead Films
Konk Films
Launch Pad Films
Little Minx
Looking Glass Films
Lookout Entertainment
Lucky 21
Lucky Post
Luke Content
Mekka Media
Mellow Media
Merman USA
Method Labs
Michael Schrom + Co.
Miller + Miller
Minerva Sales and Marketing
Mirror Films
MJ Enterprise Business Consultants
Modop Films
Monaghan Talent Rangers
Moxie Pictures
Mr. Bartlett
Native Content
NEED Financial Services
Nine Mile Cirlce
Nonfiction Unlimited
O Positive
Oil Factory
Old Harbor Productions
One at Optimus
Overt Operations
Pacific Rim Films
Palmer Productions
Park Pictures
Partizan Entertainment
Ponyshow Entertainment
Protean Image Group Commercials, P.I.G.
Psyop Productions
Pulse Commercials
Radiant Pictures
radical media
Rascal Films
Rattling Stick
Raucous Content
Recess Films
[REDACTED] Content
Representation Co.
Republic Content
Reset Content
Rival School Pictures
Rocket Film
Rogue Representation
Room Two
Roxanne & Co.
RSA Films
Ruffian Co.
Safeword Creative
Sage Ideas
Saville Productions
Science + Fiction Holdings
Sedna Films
Seeker Productions
Serial Pictures
Shoot Collective
Sibling Rivalry Films
Skunk Partners
Slim Pictures
Smartypants Pictures
Smith and Jones
Smooth World Films
Somoroff LLC
Spears and Arrows
Spit’tin Image
Splendid & Co.
Station Film
Stink Films / Stink USA / Stink LLC (not Stink Digital or Stink Studios)
Stun Creative
Sugar Film Productions
Supply + Demand
Synergy Films
Taste In Motion
The Artists Company
The Corner Shop
The Department
The Devil You Know
The Directors Bureau
The Now Corporation
The Reserve Creative Group
The Sweet Shop USA
The Traveling Picture Show Company
The Underground
Th30ty Films
Thomas Thomas Films
Tony Kaye Collaborations
Tool of North America
Traveler Films
Unit9 Films
Victor House Films
WAVE Films
Ways & Means Global
Wild Hair Films
Wits End
Woodshop Studios
Xenon Marketing
Yard Dog TV

We've tailored this section so that our employers have access to critical information concerning them. Please note that we now have a staff employee section of the website, so please direct your staff employees to that section of the website if they have questions - this section of the website is here to address employer level questions only.

This section will be updated monthly, or more frequently, should we need to inform you of something immediately.

As of January 22, 2016, your employer communication summary can be viewed by clicking below:

Looking for a doctor? Anthem's website includes a search engine that will find the most suitable doctor for you. Directions provided by Anthem are below.

Benefit plan summary information across medical, dental, vision, pharmaceutical, and disability can be found here.

We've prepared Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for our staff employees, freelance employees, and for potential new PHBP contributing employers.

The PHBP provides Participants and eligible Dependents with vision insurance through Vision Service Plan (or VSP). Coverage is available in all 50 states, not only the state in which you reside. If you have not already done so, you can register at VSP's website:

You can reach VSP's Member Services Department via phone at 800-877-7195. The following document is a summary of the vision insurance benefits offered by the PHBP.

The PHBP provides Participants and eligible Dependents with dental insurance through Anthem Blue Cross. Coverage is available in all 50 states, not only the state in which you reside. If you have not already done so, you can register at Anthem's website:

1. Click on login under the Dental Member Services section of that page.
2. Click on Log In on the page that loads after completion step 1.
3. Click the 'Create a Username and Password' link.
4. Enter the requested information to complete the registration process.

You can reach Anthem's Dental Member Services Department via phone at 877-567-1804. The following document is a summary of the dental insurance benefits offered by the PHBP.

The PHBP provides Participants and eligible Dependents with medical insurance through Anthem Blue Cross. Coverage is available in all 50 states, not only the state in which you reside. Coverage is also available outside of the United States, but generally limited to care for emergency services. If you have not already done so, you can register at Anthem's website:

You will need your Member ID or the activation code that Anthem sent to you via the mail. You can reach Anthem's Member Services Department via phone at 800-759-3030. The following document is a summary of the medical insurance benefits offered by the PHBP.

The 2018 Participation Agreement must be signed by all participating employers. If you have not already done so, please download and sign participation agreement from the link below. A completed Participation Agreement can be returned to the PHBP via e-mail to its Executive Director, Sean Cooley, via e-mail at

Welcome! This section of the website has been designed to provide potential employers with the information that they will need to know prior to joining PHBP.

The documents attached are:

1. A welcome letter from the PHBP's Executive Director, Sean Cooley.

2. An overview of the PHBP, its benefits, and some aspects of its operations as they relate to your company.

3. Summaries of the PHBP's current (2018) benefit offerings, including medical, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits!

4. The 2018 Participation Agreement that all companies participating in the PHBP must sign.

5. The 2018 Staff Coverage Election form. PHBP coverage for your staff employees is available, but not mandatory.

Of course, PHBP is here to guide you through this process and answer any questions. Please contact Sean Cooley, PHBP's Executive Director, at 323-960-4781 for more information regarding the process of joining the PHBP.