Information for Companies Interested in Joining PHBP

Welcome! This section of the website has been designed to provide potential employers with the information that they will need to know prior to joining PHBP.

The documents attached are:

1. A welcome letter from the PHBP's Executive Director, Sean Cooley.

2. An overview of the PHBP, its benefits, and some aspects of its operations as they relate to your company.

3. Summaries of the PHBP's current (2018) benefit offerings, including medical, dental, vision and prescription drug benefits!

4. The 2018 Participation Agreement that all companies participating in the PHBP must sign.

5. The 2018 Staff Coverage Election form. PHBP coverage for your staff employees is available, but not mandatory.

Of course, PHBP is here to guide you through this process and answer any questions. Please contact Sean Cooley, PHBP's Executive Director, at 323-960-4781 for more information regarding the process of joining the PHBP.