Spotlight: Healthy Families Program.

January 04, 2016

At PHBP, we don’t simply look at benefit cost when deciding upon a benefit carrier. We know that money is a huge determinant, but the spectrum of coverage options and quality of coverage are just as, if not more, important. Not only does benefit quality affect our PHBP participants, but of course, directly affects their loved ones.

Anthem’s “Healthy Families” program is a perfect example of how benefit quality can directly impact a participant’s dependents. Anthem’s “Healthy Families” program gives you and your family access to, and assistance with, California Children’s Services (CCS), a program designed to help your child get special medical care. Your child may be eligible for CCS services, if he or she has a physical problem or serious illness. Some of the problems CCS can help your child with are:
There are many services that your child can receive through CCS. CCS will pay for tests needed to find out about medical problems, special medical items or drugs. CCS will often cover the cost of physical and occupational therapies, although the care must be approved by CCS in advance.

  • Cleft palate
  • Cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Children who are HIV+
  • Premature babies
  • Cerebral Palsy, and many more

If you feel that your child should be referred to the CCS program, you can receive the referral form from your doctor. The referral form should be mailed with your child’s medical records to the CCS county office.

So, how do Anthem Blue Cross and CCS work together? Anthem Blue Cross has an entire team in charge of CCS cases to help you manage your child’s care. Anthem Blue Cross will help your doctor refer a child for CCS services as needed. The local CCS program continues to pay for your child’s CCS services. Anthem is there to help you access CCS services for your child when needed. In addition, Anthem Blue Cross will continue to give all of the regular medical care to your child that is not related to a CCS problem. Anthem Blue Cross will continue to cover regular checkups and immunizations.

To find out more about Anthem, “Healthy Families”, and CCS, please log into the website, and under “Health & Wellness” across the top of the page, you’ll find the “Healthy Families” link under “Your Health & Wellness in California”.