Membership with PHBP is obtained at the employer level, and there's never been a better time for employers to join - especially for our freelancer population. Here are just a few reasons:

- Freelancers with dependents have been offered dramatic reductions to dependent coverage cost. Effective January 1, 2016, a freelancer with a spouse and two children will pay $450.00 per month, versus $1,570.39 per month.

- Freelancers without dependents will continue to have free coverage across medical, dental, and vision.

- Staff employees working for small employers also benefit from being part of PHBP - PHBP, a large group plan, provides for lower premium rate increases and a larger network of quality providers than a small group plan. While small group plans obtained premium rate increases as high as 44%, PHBP obtained an increase of only approximately 14.5%. If your employer requires some reimbursement for your benefit costs, you will benefit from PHBP’s lower benefit rates.

- Access to a large group plan network of providers.

- Low deductibles of $500.00 for a single election, and $1,000 for a family election.

- Anthem PPO for medical and dental, with vision through VSP.

If you’re a freelancer working for a contributing employer, our Third Party Administrator (TPA), Benesys Administrator’s, Inc., will contact you when your employer makes their first contribution on your behalf. If you haven’t heard from our TPA, your employer has not elected to contribute to PHBP yet.

To provide your employer with information about PHBP, documents within “Policies and Procedures” should be forwarded to your employer. The most relevant information would be included in:

- 2016 Participation Agreement

- 2016 Benefit Summaries

- Reduced Freelancer Dependent Cost Structure Summary

- Staff Contribution Monthly Amounts.

In addition, please feel free to call Susan Kaiser, at 646-370-1431, or at, with any questions.